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Optimo Ultra Compact Full Pack - Ready to shoot full-frame & open gate

We are pleased to announce the full pack version of the new Optimo Ultra Compact 37-102mm & 21-56 Full Frame lenses at Camerimage 2022.

The full pack, which is based on the exclusive IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) technology by Angénieux, includes a full-frame and a U35 rear that can be easily interchanged to work on full-frame cameras or to cover the open gate of the new ARRI ALEXA 35.


On Set Review of Angénieux Optimo Primes with DP Zhao Longlong

Director of Photography Zhao Longlong talked with Jebsen Consumer about his experience using the Angénieux Optimo Prime lenses for the box-office film “Stay With Me”, including how the compact lenses enabled him and his team to accurately portray the story’s developing characters and period transformations over a span of ten years.

COMMUNITY 2022/07/13

"you can trust them" - Alfonso Segura AEC talks about the OPTIMO PRIMES

DoP Alfonso Segura recently shot a movie "De perdidos a Río" by Joaquín Mazón. It tells the story of Spanish friends who travel all the way to Rio de Janeiro to repatriate their late friend's body, but once there, they will realize he wasn't actually dead. Read his experience with the Optimo Primes below. 


The Career of Darius Khondji - Pierre Angénieux Tribute Laureate 2022

This year internationally renowned French-Iranian cinematographer Darius Khondji will receive the prestigious Pierre Angénieux Tribute.


Evelin van Rei – Angénieux Special Encouragement Recipient 2022

Alongside the Pierre Angénieux Tribute given to an already established cinematographer, Angénieux has been highlighting the promising work of young cinematographic talents. As such, since 2018, the ANGÉNIEUX SPECIAL ENCOURAGEMENT has been created and awarded to a new talent in the field of cinematography.


DP Arden Tse shoots Winter Paralympics Video with Angénieux’ Optimo high-end Collection

Cinematographer Arden Tse was behind the lens to shoot the footage “Bloom”, an Announcement in the Public Interest (API) tribute to the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games. 


Optimo prime series & integrated optical palette : an enthusiastic testimonial by Valentín Álvarez, AEC.

Valentín Álvarez AEC recently used the Optimo Prime Series to shoot a commercial video. He shared his thoughts about the prime lenses developed by Angénieux. 


Optimo Prime series: Capturing the Essence of the Classic Angénieux Glass

Jay Huang, cinematography team leader of production/rental house To Go Film Company, tells our partner Jebsen why the Optimo Prime Series are proving to be a must-have production tool. 


Angénieux EZ Lens: The Journey from S35 to Full Frame Format

Recently, our partner Jebsen had the honour to interview veteran DoP Yu Hua. A Director, Documentary Producer, and a long-time contract DoP of the National Geographic Society, Yu was also the official DoP for the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens, and the aerial cinematographer for the Disney documentary film “Ature African Cats”. His work had taken him into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 43 times, filming the National Geographic documentary ” Roof of the World”.


Cinema Students from La Fémis at energa Camerimage 2021


The Energa Camerimage in Torun, Poland, is The annual rendez-vous of the International community of Directors of Photography. Every year, students from Film Schools also join the 9-day event to have the opportunity to meet their peers, attend masterclasses, round tables, discover the latest cinema technology and watch the movie selection. Students from La Femis, the prestigious French school, attended the 2021 edition, in collaboration with Angénieux. After experiencing the most of everything the festival had to offer, they are very keen to share with us their impressions as the next generation of DPs.