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COMMUNITY 2022/07/13

"you can trust them" - Alfonso Segura AEC talks about the OPTIMO PRIMES

DoP Alfonso Segura recently shot a movie "De perdidos a Río" by Joaquín Mazón. It tells the story of Spanish friends who travel all the way to Rio de Janeiro to repatriate their late friend's body, but once there, they will realize he wasn't actually dead. Read his experience with the Optimo Primes below. 


DP Arden Tse shoots Winter Paralympics Video with Angénieux’ Optimo high-end Collection

Cinematographer Arden Tse was behind the lens to shoot the footage “Bloom”, an Announcement in the Public Interest (API) tribute to the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games. 


Optimo Prime series: Capturing the Essence of the Classic Angénieux Glass

Jay Huang, cinematography team leader of production/rental house To Go Film Company, tells our partner Jebsen why the Optimo Prime Series are proving to be a must-have production tool. 

COMMUNITY 2021/04/13


Director of Photography Robbie van Brussel chose the OPTIMO PRIME series for a commercial shot with Director Philip de longh, for the famous lingerie brand Hunkemöller. The commercial was broadcasted on Dutch TV recently. On Instagram, Hunkemöller’s self-definition as a brand is “empowering women to be their most beautiful self”. Color accuracy, skin tone respect, realistic images with no distortion….all good reasons to use Angénieux lenses for a commercial for this brand.

COMMUNITY 2021/04/01

Shift 4 goes for Angénieux Full Frame Solution

London and Manchester based rental company recently extended its offer to production companies and cinematographers with the complete collection of Angénieux Full Frame lenses.


DP Yuji Morihara Brings Cinematic Look to Live Concert with Optimo Primes

While mega live events have been suspended for the foreseeable future, many performers including musicians have been turning to online platforms to connect with their audience. Consequently, live show directors and production crews had to adapt to this change, utilising the cine equipment to ensure that the moments captured at the live event are as engaging and immersive as the show experience before the pandemic.

COMMUNITY 2020/10/01

DP Zhou Zijie on Short Film “37°2” with Angénieux Optimo Primes

Designed as a platform for young filmmakers to showcase their work, the 14th FIRST International Film Festival Training Camp was held in Xining, China. Jebsen Industrial, Angénieux partner for Asia Pacific, supported the event by providing the Angénieux Optimo Prime full-frame lenses to the filming of its short film “37°2”, directed by Mei Liying and shot by Zhou Zijie. The film is the first project in Asia to put the lenses on the field. Director of Photography Zhou Zijie started out filming documentaries with VICE. Later, by chance, he filmed a music video and found himself in the commercial advertising industry. With several TVCs under his belt, he is now dedicated to film production. “The performance of Angénieux lenses in general are very stable. Its zoom lenses have excellent distortion and image control. They can be used together with lenses from other mainstream brands and they have high compatibility in the post-production phase” Zhou shared his impression of the Angénieux lenses.



May 23, 2019, Cannes Film Festival : one year to the day, Angénieux went Prime presenting the Optimo F40, first lens of a series of 12 Full Frame lenses, the future  Optimo Prime Series. This major announcement was made in presence of Band Pro Film & Digital Inc, partner of the project with Angénieux and Jebsen Industrial Technology Co Ltd, and in front of rental companies, distributors and cinematographers who were in Cannes to attend the  7th edition of the Pierre Angenieux Excellens in Cinematography”



After the F21 last week, the Angénieux team is pleased to present the first F50 lens of the Optimo Prime Series.  The Full Frame series which was presented last year at the Cannes Film Festival and at Cinegear generated much enthusiasm and is highly expected by cinematographers and rentals. 

The first pieces of the series are expected to be delivered to customers during Q3 this year. In the meantime, and despite new working conditions, the production teams are working hard to respect the planning and form the first Silver set (F21, 28, 40, 50, 75, and 135). We are just one lens away since only the F75 is missing. Cinematographers will be able to try the Silver set when shootings start again. 

The Optimo Prime series means a return to the prime market for the French brand since Angénieux had been dedicating its production to zoom lenses only for decades. However, it is like a “return to the sources” since Pierre Angénieux actually started with prime lenses before making zooms. If you are interested in the incredible story of the Angénieux brand, we recommend the 2019 Angénieux book called Angénieux and Cinema, From Light to Image, available from major bookstores, commercial sites or the Angénieux e-shop at www.angé

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MICROSALON AFC 2020 and Optimo Prime Series

After 50 years almost fully dedicated to high-end zoom lens design and production, Angénieux announced in 2019 a complete set of high-end Full Frame prime lenses – the Optimo Prime series, in partnership with Band Pro Film & Digital, Inc and Jebsen Industrial Technology Co LTD. Following the worldwide presentation in 2019 of the FF Optimo Prime F40mm, Angénieux is pleased to present for the first time in France at MicroSalon AFC 2020 (Jan 16 -17) the Full Frame Optimo Prime F135mm and to unveil the unique user-features of this Angénieux new lens series.