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Angénieux EZ Lens: The Journey from S35 to Full Frame Format

Recently, our partner Jebsen had the honour to interview veteran DoP Yu Hua. A Director, Documentary Producer, and a long-time contract DoP of the National Geographic Society, Yu was also the official DoP for the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens, and the aerial cinematographer for the Disney documentary film “Ature African Cats”. His work had taken him into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 43 times, filming the National Geographic documentary ” Roof of the World”.


Angénieux EZ Lenses Help Capture the Essence of Period Drama

Capturing the history, iconic and ordinary people from different angles, drama series “Big Waves Washing the Sand” presents the history of the Chinese Communist Party over the past century.


Owner-Operator Zhang Qifeng Goes Full-frame with Angénieux EZ

As part of our Angénieux EZ series, we interviewed Zhang Qifeng from Dalian China, a film and television practitioner who has been in the industry for close to two decades. Zhang tells us what made him choosing EZs as his work horse lenses on various projects.

Can you tell us about your experience and your main film genre?

HISTORY 2021/05/27

Legend Recreated with Angénieux Optimo Prime lenses

After more than two months of shooting, the movie "Red Boat" (also known as “Hong Chuan” in China), which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, has successfully completed the shooting in Chedun, Shanghai. JCineCast interviewed the Director of Photography, Arden Tse, to share his insights on the behind-the-scenes of the film.