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HISTORY 2017/12/21

Cameras & Lenses: the never ending image format story

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the formats have been subject to regular changes generating complete revolutions for cameras and lenses. The latest ones come with the Full Frame cameras recently presented: Sony Venice, RED Monstro and others to come. This new market trend is pushing lens manufacturers to adapt their lens offer.

HISTORY 2017/09/14

The supremacy of Angénieux in the zoom lens field

Where does the word Zoom come from?

The word zoom has its origins in aviation, meaning “quickly move closer”. It started to be used in photography in the 1930’s with the development of new optics with variable focal lengths. It quickly became a common name in the second part of the 20th century as Pierre Angenieux called “zooms” his lenses with variable focal length and as the zoom lenses became more popular due to major improvements in lens design.

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