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COMMUNITY 2018/06/28

“A Child’s Smile” deserved an Angénieux, A testimonial by Jérôme Dolbert, back from Cambodia

Jerôme Dolbert delivers us a testimonial about how the Optimo Style 48-130 was his best companion for an extraordinary human adventure in Cambodia, filming young girls who found their way back to life and smile through education.

Photo credit Jérôme Dolbert

COMMUNITY 2017/11/29

Shot On Angenieux Type EZ by Jose Alkon, Type EZ owner, Australia

Experience feedback about the Angenieux Type EZ series

The pros… the cons… everything you may want to know about the Angenieux Type EZ Ienses is in José Alkon’s ( testimonial. José, a young Peruvian born and Sydney based cinematographer, is the happy owner of a Type-EZ 1 lens and shares with us his purchasing decision process and first EZ experience.

COMMUNITY 2017/07/10

Anamorphic “Drift” on drone

“Drift” is the result of a fruitful collaboration between Kelly’s Heroes and Angénieux.

“Drift” is a short film Kelly’s Heroes shot as a demo project to try out some of those new possibilities in aerial filming. Drone shots have been around for a while now, but the technology is growing and so are the drones. Bigger drones mean bigger payloads which result in a wider variety of different possible set-up’s. Kelly’s Heroes wanted to fly a set-up that allows us to do something new, something different. They came up with the idea to fly anamorphic zoom lenses and try some aerial retro zooms (travelling in, zoom out).”Drift” premiered at the AFC MicroSalon in Paris in February 2017.