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HISTORY 2021/05/27

Legend Recreated with Angénieux Optimo Prime lenses

After more than two months of shooting, the movie "Red Boat" (also known as “Hong Chuan” in China), which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, has successfully completed the shooting in Chedun, Shanghai. JCineCast interviewed the Director of Photography, Arden Tse, to share his insights on the behind-the-scenes of the film.

COMMUNITY 2021/04/13


Director of Photography Robbie van Brussel chose the OPTIMO PRIME series for a commercial shot with Director Philip de longh, for the famous lingerie brand Hunkemöller. The commercial was broadcasted on Dutch TV recently. On Instagram, Hunkemöller’s self-definition as a brand is “empowering women to be their most beautiful self”. Color accuracy, skin tone respect, realistic images with no distortion….all good reasons to use Angénieux lenses for a commercial for this brand.


DP Yuji Morihara Brings Cinematic Look to Live Concert with Optimo Primes

While mega live events have been suspended for the foreseeable future, many performers including musicians have been turning to online platforms to connect with their audience. Consequently, live show directors and production crews had to adapt to this change, utilising the cine equipment to ensure that the moments captured at the live event are as engaging and immersive as the show experience before the pandemic.


The Two Popes, DP Cesar Charlone and Optimos

One particularly fruitful collaboration of recent  cinema has been Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles and Uruguay born Cinematographer Cesar Charlone. Fernando Meirelles and Cesar Charlone have collaborated since 2002. They made together City of God (2002), The Constant Gardener (2005), Blindness (2008), and recently The Two Popes (2019) – a Netflix production. All movies have been highly acclaimed for that. For The Two Popes , Angenieux Optimo zoom lenses were on set most of the time. Cesar Charlone graciously accepted to tell us more about his experience.


“Invasion” with AngÉnieux anamorphic zoom lenses

“Invasion” is a sequel of popular Russian Sci-Fi Movie Attraction (2017) directed by prominent Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk*. Attraction, that spoke about an extraterrestrial spaceship that crash-landed in the Chertanovo district of Moscow, was the fourth Russian film transferred to Imax 3D format and became the highest-grossing Russian Sci-fi movie with more than 1 billion rubles.